Improve the look and appeal of your outdoor living space with a custom-built pergola from LPB Construction Inc. Our family-owned business has crafted top quality pergolas for three generations. We can personally attest to the value these structures add to your home and life. Continue reading to learn about five of the ten major benefits of owning a pergola (read about the five other benefits in our previous post).

Benefits of Owning a Pergola

6. Easily Incorporates with Other Structures

Pergolas are great on their own, but they are also attractive and useful when added to an existing structure. For example, a pergola can serve as a beautiful segue into a gazebo or veranda. Additionally, pergolas can provide a romantic covering over a walkway leading into a gazebo, garden, or patio.

7. Versatile Construction

No two pergolas are alike. Our team works hard to create beautiful, custom pergolas for each of our clients. Whether you want a sleek and simple structure, ornate pillars, or rock columns, we will deliver. In terms of materials, our team constructs pergolas from pine and cedar, resulting in beautiful, durable structures.

8. Fast and Affordable

As a family-owned business, we take customer service seriously and work hard to provide top-quality results in a timely manner. As such, pergola construction takes as little as two to four days to complete. Additionally, once your pergola is constructed, it is a relatively low-maintenance structure. We recommend staining or sealing your pergola biennially to maintain its appearance.

9. Outdoor Entertainment Space

A pergola creates a natural gathering place for outdoor entertainment. Many of our customers add seating and/or a dining area to make the space more functional. For added appeal, consider adding custom lighting or a fire feature for evening get-togethers.

10. They’re Pretty!

Last but not least, pergolas are beautiful! A pergola instantly draws the eye, and adds class and appeal to your home. Plus, when you take the time to add some personal touches, a pergola completes the look of your outdoor living space. 

Request a Free Estimate

As third-generation carpenters, we’ve learned by example to truly care about the quality of work we provide to our customers. We pour our heart into each project, giving that personal touch that results in quality workmanship. For a free estimate on a custom-built pergola for your Cleveland area home, contact LPB Construction at (440) 502-5078. We also specialize in other exterior construction services, including deck, pavilion, and patio roof construction.