The prices specifications are satisfactory and are hereby accepted. You are authorized to perform the work as specified. All prices are guaranteed for 60 days.


Project Terms, Conditions, Agreement & Warranties:

LPB Construction Inc. offers a two-year workmanship on all decks we build and a five-year structural guarantee. Many of the materials we use are backed by their own warranties as well.


  • All follow-up maintenance must have been followed properly by the homeowner as recommended by manufacturers after installation by LPB Construction Inc. Pressure Treated wood decks need to be properly protected by a sealer after installation when the lumber dries out with an exterior semitransparent sealant designed for pressure treated wood. Solid color stains tend to peel and flake as wood contracts and expands. Sealing decks will not eliminate the natural characteristics of wood such as cracking, rotting, and splitting but might reduce the number of natural wood breakdowns.
  • This warranty is effective only upon payment in full by the customer per the payment schedule. The warranty will only be honored to those accounts which have been paid in full and per the contract agreement. Payments not received per the contract amount will void the warranty.
  • Non-payments or not paying the full balance within (30) days then LPB Construction Inc. will add an additional late fee of 20% of the invoice total and may take less than desirable action against the client to pursue payment via means of a lien on the property and client will be financially responsible for legal fees to collect such payments.
  • The original client/homeowner must be the one making the claim. The warranty is non-transferable.
  • Payment schedules are vital to keeping the project on track so please be mindful of this during your project and please contact the project manager or office with any questions.
  • Timeliness of any warranty work performed shall be at the discretion of the contractor, (typically 2-3 weeks). Typically, we like to address issues as soon as possible or on the soonest rain day available but we do have to schedule the work around the current schedule so we do ask for flexibility.
  • Claims must be submitted in writing form via email format to [email protected] and accompanied by at least three to six photos of the problem areas. Close-up pictures and pictures from a distance help tremendously. Pictures help our crew know what to bring with them to resolve issues.
  • Once LPB Construction Inc. has been notified by a client, we will review the claim and help come up with a solution in writing for the client to agree to, and then it can be scheduled to be addressed.
  • When a project is completed and if an issue or concern arises please contact our office and NOT directly to the project foreman. They are typically on other job sites working and we do not want them to forget to notify the office to schedule it. Our office is better equipped to schedule these items. Processes are very important to help better serve our clients


LPB Construction Inc. gives no warranty on cracks for any type of concrete work. If concrete crumbles within one month of installation due to a bad batch of concrete LPB Construction Inc. will replace the concrete that is crumbling. Patios that are installed any time before October 31″ must be sealed before winter to ensure the patio is protected from the winter conditions otherwise patio has the potential to pit. Color tones of dyed concrete may vary due to different truck loads, weather conditions at the time of pour, and natural sun rays. Release thrown shading colors can vary in tones due to weather conditions at the time of pour and natural sun rays. LPB Construction Inc. is not responsible for color differences in colored stamped concrete due to these reasons or any other reason. LPB Construction Inc. is not responsible for differences in stamp indentations due to the nature of stamp work, weather conditions at the time of pour, and natural sun rays. Some areas dry faster than others and get deeper indentations. LPB Construction Inc. will do our best to keep stamp indentations equal but there are a lot of imperfections with stamped concrete. In cases where concrete requires release cuts with a saw chipping may occur on the edges of cuts which is unpreventable and is not under any type of warranty. During installations of concrete small debris falling from trees can get into the concrete and we can do our best to remove it but sometimes debris gets floated into the concrete and is unpreventable. Debris can also get into the sealer during the sealing of a patio and we will take every measure to get it out but sometimes we can’t get to it. LPB Construction Inc. is not responsible for keeping people, debris, animals, autos, or any other object or thing off the concrete after LPB Construction Inc. has left the job site. If damage does occur, LPB Construction Inc. is not held responsible to fix the damage. During hot months of the year sealer on stamped concrete patios may bubble and look a little foggy this is caused by the heat and LPB Construction Inc. is not held responsible to come fix it. Soil repair around newly installed concrete is priced following the installation of the concrete. These are all the imperfections stamped concrete can have and LPB Construction Inc. just likes you to know what to expect.


All work performed by LPB Construction Inc. shall be performed in a professional workmanlike manner of the highest quality. All prints, drawings, designs, and proposed work shall be followed as close as possible. However, site conditions due to grade, structures, or LPB Construction Inc. professional judgments may require adjustments and changes not reflected in the drawing and may not be discussed before changes due to keeping the job progress moving.


LPB Construction Inc. is not responsible for changes to the original work order once the customer accepts the proposal or agreement. All materials and work originally agreed upon will be paid in full, plus the customer will pay labor and materials to complete the new work in full. New work added on during the duration of the job can be agreed upon verbally unless the homeowner asks for written documentation.


LPB Construction Inc. is not responsible for hidden unforeseen work, which may not be reflected in the proposal. Tear out of existing concrete is based on standard 4″ thick concrete, anything thicker may require additional work and incur additional costs. Items such as buried debris, boulders, stumps, poor drainage, concrete, etc. also may require additional work and incur additional costs.


LPB Construction Inc. will not be responsible for damage to any sprinkler system lines or heads, invisible fences, cables, drain tile, sewer caps, cleanouts, gas, telephone, or any other utility lines that are on the property of the customer or any neighbors of the customer. Settling of any sewer line which causes damage to any work performed by LPB Construction Inc. is not covered under warranty.


All materials shall be supplied as specified; however, we reserve the right to substitute materials if necessary, of equal or higher value with compatible materials.

LPB Construction Inc. is not responsible for any damage to driveways, patios, or sidewalks caused by any equipment or vehicles used to perform the work agreed upon in this contract.

LPB Construction Inc. is not responsible for any acts of God that may occur to the work being done in this agreed-upon contract and its duration or after its completion.

If the weather does not allow LPB Construction Inc. to complete all portions of a contract after one week, LPB Construction Inc. does then have the right to collect all monies due on the completed portions of the job.


10% is due upon signing of this estimate as a nonrefundable deposit, 40% is due upon the start of the job, and the remaining balance is due upon completion of the job. Some jobs may require a larger deposit but will be described in an estimate if so. All unpaid balances are subject to a 20% charge if monies due are not received within 7 days from the date of completion. All warranty and follow-ups will not be performed if the balance of the contract is not paid in full.


You may cancel this transaction by mailing a written notice to LPB Construction Inc. postmarked no later than midnight of the third business day after the date this contract was signed. Any cancellation after midnight of the third business day, for any reason whatsoever, shall constitute a breach of contract, and the purchasing signers shall be liable for liquidated damages in the amount of 40% of the face value of the signed contract.