Installing a pergola is a simple way to significantly improve the value and appeal of your outdoor living space. Homeowners can enjoy 10 major benefits of owning a pergola, although we are sure there are many more! For top-quality results, contact LPB Construction Inc. in Cleveland, OH. Our family-owned business has been building quality, custom pergolas for more than 30 years.

Pergola Construction

1. Defined Space

A pergola is a simple, attractive way to create a defined space for entertaining or dining. This attractive feature can house an outdoor dining set, lawn furniture, or a fire pit. However you choose to use it, a pergola will create a unique, outdoor gathering space.

2. Privacy

Another added benefit of a pergola is privacy. It is easy to incorporate privacy plants, outdoor drapes, latticework, or a retractable screen to create a more intimate space.

3. Increased Gardening Options

If you’ve got a green thumb, a pergola is a great place to showcase your skill set. Hanging baskets make a beautiful addition to any outdoor living space. Additionally, pergolas are especially amenable to climbing plants like wisteria, honeysuckle, clematis, ivy, and grapevines. These plants serve to dress up your pergola while providing additional shade and privacy.

4. Customized Shade

One of the best features of a pergola is its customizability. You get to decide the size and location of your pergola, but you also get to choose how much shade your structure provides. By increasing the number of beams and choosing their angle, you can let in as little or as much sunlight as you desire.

5. Increased Home Value

A well-landscaped home typically sells for up to as much as 20% more than a home that is lacking in curb appeal. The added aesthetic appeal and increased outdoor living space a pergola provides goes a long way in improving your home’s value. 

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