Everyone dreams of a big, beautiful kitchen – one with all of the amenities perfect for entertaining guests or hosting dinner parties. The truth is, a full kitchen remodel can be a big job that most likely requires hiring a contractor. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make small improvements on your own to enhance your Cleveland, OH, kitchen until you’re ready for a larger project. Here are some quick and easy ideas from the team at LPB Construction Inc. that go a long way in making your kitchen more practical and visually appealing.

Small Kitchen Updates Before a Kitchen Remodel


Lighting plays a big role in any room and can make or break the whole vibe by being too bright or too dark. But we’re not talking about upgrading all of your lighting fixtures, as that would require an experienced electrician to be done properly. We’re talking accents. For example, add lighting strips to the underside of your cabinets. Not only can these lights help set the mood, but they also provide lighting to some of those common darker spots where your coffee maker or toaster may be.

Cabinet Hardware

A full cabinet replacement can be another large job. You have to consider materials, design, colors, and placement. But something that often goes overlooked and can greatly improve the look of your cabinets is the knobs and pulls that accent them. Depending on your number of cabinets, you can usually complete this upgrade for somewhere between $50 and $100. Another bonus here is that they’re so easy to replace, anyone can do it. You really just need a screwdriver.


One of the slightly more advanced recommendations here, but still very manageable, is the fixtures in your kitchen. Take your main kitchen faucet, for example. If you’re fairly handy, replacing your faucet can be pretty quick and easy by just following the supplied instructions. There are so many options with faucets these days! This one upgrade can offer a fair amount of character and customization.

Have you already done all that you can yourself and you’re ready to create the kitchen of your dreams? LPB Construction Inc. is here for you! As third-generation carpenters, our family-owned business is ready to take on your kitchen, bathroom, or basement remodel. You can contact us today at (440) 502-5078 or request a free estimate online.