If you’re a homeowner in the Ohio area, you know that having a space to entertain in your backyard is very important. Whether you’re the go-to house for family gatherings or you plan to host your friends for BBQs this summer, the way you design your backyard can make or break your summer plans. We love the idea of adding an outdoor structure to your backyard to provide shade and better define the space. But, which structure is right for you? To help you choose, your friends at LPB Construction Inc. are comparing pavilions and pergolas today on the blog.

Pavilion vs Pergola


The roof is the main difference between a pergola and a pavilion. A pergola is usually constructed with a lattice roof, which lets in sunlight and doesn’t provide complete cover from the elements. Because of the lattice roof, pergolas only block some of the sunlight so you can still grow plants and even sunbathe under a pergola. However, they will let in most of the heat and rain, so pergolas are often thought to be fair-weather structures.


Pavilions are constructed with solid roofs, providing full coverage from the sun, rain, or even snow. Pavilions are great for providing poolside shade, a place to cook out, or even a full outdoor bar! You can bring the party outside, no matter what the weather is doing, and still have a classy and stylish-looking backyard.

How to Choose

Now that you understand the difference, it’s time to choose which is right for you. As you consider your backyard design, ask yourself how you plan to use your space. Do you want to maintain an airy, breezy space that is open to most of the elements? Or, do you prefer complete coverage and the option to add an outdoor kitchen or outdoor living room, complete with appliances and a TV?

At LPB Construction, you can’t go wrong with either a pavilion or a pergola. Contact us today for a professional pavilion and pergola construction in Cleveland, OH. We construct structurally sound pavilions, pergolas, and more. Call our office at (440) 502-5078 to request a free estimate today. LPB also handles all of the city permits prior to building pavilions or pergolas.