For homes with limited outdoor spaces, hosting backyard BBQs and family dinners might be difficult. Your dreams of spending time with family and friends under the stars might seem far-fetched if you don’t have the square footage available. Perhaps you think your outdoor space wouldn’t allow for a deck, or you worry about fitting in comfortable seating when hosting. Since LPB Construction Inc. is family-owned, we understand the importance of giving other families the opportunity to gather together, and we can make your deck dreams come true while providing suggestions to make it practical and appear larger. 

Small Space Decks

Incorporate Perimeter Seating

When designing your deck, be sure to utilize every square inch available, including the perimeter. By strategically placing seating around the perimeter, you will encourage more foot traffic through the largest part of the deck, giving your guests plenty of room to move about. For an even more seamless look, your deck contractor can even build benches into your deck design so you won’t even have to worry about purchasing additional furniture.

Multi-Purpose Privacy Walls

Your deck design will benefit and gain character from the addition of a privacy wall. A privacy wall’s main function is typically a security barrier, however, it can also serve as a support for decorative elements such as vertical planters. Depending on the look and feel you choose for your space, you can find multiple ways to use the space available on your privacy wall while still maintaining the separation from your nosy neighbors.

Hidden Storage

Finally, one of our favorite things to incorporate into small deck designs is hidden storage. Often, homeowners don’t want to give up storage space to make room for a deck, so we don’t make them! Instead, we can add hidden storage compartments into the deck to preserve space and store belongings. This is especially helpful to conceal unattractive, but necessary items in your backyard such as utility boxes, AC units, or lawn equipment.

To get started on your small deck design, contact the experts at LPB Construction Inc. We are proud to provide our services to Parma, North Royalton, Strongsville, Broadview Heights, Seven Hills, and the surrounding regions from our location in Cleveland, Ohio. Contact us today at (440) 502-5078 or request a free estimate online.