Because of the comfort, usefulness, and added value it provides, the deck remains a must-have feature of many Ohio homes. If you plan to install a new deck this season, it must be more than just beautiful and well-designed. It also must be safe to use. According to the expert deck builders at LPB Construction Inc., these are the top three safety elements you should include on your new deck.

3 Safety Features to Include on Your Deck Build

1. Railings

Railings are, of course, the key to keeping your guests safe from falling off of your deck. This feature is always recommended for decks with platforms 30 inches or higher off the ground but is not necessary for lower-lying decks as the risk of steep falls is low. We recommend railings be at least three feet high, reach the average person’s waist and be sturdy enough for an adult to lean on them safely. Railings provide safety from falling, help keep running children safe, and help keep out unwanted intruders such as wandering animals.

2. Sealant

The next safety feature we always recommend is a sealant. Your deck should be completely sealed to prevent structural damage and lengthen the wood’s lifespan by making it less susceptible to deterioration. However, a sealant is also considered a safety feature as it protects against splinters, makes your deck easier to clean, and keeps bacteria at bay.

3. Ledger Board

Your deck must have sufficient structural support to be durable over time. Unless it stands alone, your deck should have a ledger board fastened to your house. In general, pressure-treated wood is advised for the installation. The boards must also be completely straight, smooth, and aligned. Building the ledger board out of brick, stone, or concrete is not recommended.

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