Many homeowners seem to believe that the decking season is over now that summer is coming to a close. When fall arrives and the days grow shorter and cooler, they think it’s time to concentrate on indoor remodeling projects. However, at LPB Construction Inc., we’re here to tell you that it’s not too late to build a deck onto your Ohio home. In fact, here are three reasons why fall might be the very best time!

Reasons to Build a Deck in the Fall

1. Contractor Availability

It’s no secret that most home improvement projects happen in the spring and summer. Once the weather warms up, homeowners are eager to get their projects completed so they can enjoy them all summer long. Because of this, contractors tend to have more availability on their calendars in the fall. Demand for their services starts to slow down and many even offer “off-season” pricing. You may find you are able to book a more qualified contractor in the fall than you would’ve had you waited until the spring.

2. Less Damage

The weather in the spring and summer is erratic, changing quickly from scorching hot to stormy and wet. On the other hand, the more consistent fall weather dries up the terrain around your home, making it simpler to construct without doing too much harm to your yard or landscape. Additionally, summer construction is more likely to destroy your plants while they are in full bloom than it is in the fall when most flowers have already reached their prime.

3. More Time to Enjoy

In the Midwest, homeowners get the most use out of their decks in the spring and summer. There are backyard BBQs and Fourth of July parties to enjoy out on your deck. So, if you wait until next year to build your deck, you will have already lost half your time! You’ll be able to make the most of next season by getting your deck project finished in the fall.

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