In this day of YouTube, Pinterest, and “hacks” for everything imaginable, more and more homeowners are jumping on the DIY trend. It’s easy to see why. After all, why pay someone to do something you could do yourself with only the help of an internet video? However, the truth is some things are just better left to the professionals, and a concrete patio is one of them. Today on the blog, the LBP Construction, Inc. team discusses the top three reasons you shouldn’t DIY your own patio.

3 Reasons Not to DIY Your Patio

1. Patio Design

Although it may seem fairly easy, patio design is actually more difficult than it appears. Simple design errors like poor leveling and sizing can have a significant negative influence on the patio’s appearance and functionality of the patio in the long run. When you use a professional patio company, you benefit from their expertise, vision, and knowledge to understand proper patio design so it will be durable, attractive, and functional for years to come.

2. Installation Time

DIY patio installation will take longer than hiring a contractor because you won’t know how much work is involved. Additionally, it can be challenging for many homeowners to find the time between their jobs, families, and other commitments to construct their patios properly. Many homeowners underestimate how long do-it-yourself projects like patios may take, and this alone can greatly increase the build time.

3. Stamping Technique

Finally, if you plan to attempt a stamped concrete patio, a certain amount of technique and skill is required to get it right. In fact, the stamping process is the most unforgiving part of the process, and if you make a mistake, you can’t just start over. Poor finishing or positioning is one thing, but if the stamping process isn’t done just right it can be very noticeable and expensive to fix.

While some DIY projects can be great, others are best left to the professionals. LPB Construction Inc. can provide a stunning stamped concrete patio in Cleveland, OH. With over 60 years of combined experience, we’re confident you’ll love our work. Request your free estimate online or contact us at (440) 502-5078. We serve Cleveland, OH, and the surrounding areas.