Make the Most of Your Backyard with These 3 Features

Did you know the backyard is a key factor in deciding your home’s market value? Not only that, but an attractive, well-kept backyard increases the homeowner’s overall enjoyment of the home. If your backyard could use a little TLC, contact the LaPonza brothers at LPB Construction Inc. We specialize in outdoor construction projects, including deck, pergola, pavilion, and patio roof construction. 

Tips for Maintaining a Wooden Deck

Adding a deck to your home is a wise decision. A deck instantly increases your home’s living space, improves curb appeal, and adds to the overall enjoyment of the home. Similarly, a well-constructed deck made of quality materials increases the value of the home. With some routine maintenance, your family will enjoy the benefits of owning a deck for years to come. For a free quote on a custom-built deck for your Cleveland area home, contact LPB Construction Inc. today.

6 Benefits of Composite Decking

With more than 60 years of combined experience, LPB Construction Inc. has been creating quality decks for three generations. Our team constructs decks of all sizes from both pressure treated lumber and TimberTech®  composite decking. While both building materials are beautiful and durable, composite decking offers some distinct benefits to homeowners.

Add Versatility to Your Backyard with a Pavilion or Patio Roof

Many people think of pavilions as nothing more than a picnic shelter. However, backyard pavilions actually are a great way to add versatility to your outdoor living space. At LPB Construction Inc., we construct beautiful, structurally sound pavilions and patio roofs for any budget. When we’re through, we will leave you with a newfound gathering place for all kinds of gatherings and events.

Enjoy 10 Major Benefits of Owning a Pergola: Part Two

Improve the look and appeal of your outdoor living space with a custom-built pergola from LPB Construction Inc. Our family-owned business has crafted top quality pergolas for three generations. We can personally attest to the value these structures add to your home and life. Continue reading to learn about five of the ten major benefits of owning a pergola (read about the five other benefits in our previous post).

Enjoy 10 Major Benefits of Owning a Pergola: Part One

Installing a pergola is a simple way to significantly improve the value and appeal of your outdoor living space. Homeowners can enjoy 10 major benefits of owning a pergola, although we are sure there are many more! For top-quality results, contact LPB Construction Inc. in Cleveland, OH. Our family-owned business has been building quality, custom pergolas for more than 30 years.